Sovereign Soul Tending


Six weekly sessions, beginning September 4, 2019
This is the culmination of Jen’s years of publishing the HMS Log Book, leading teenage Female Empowerment groups and Sovereignty workshops & Jessica’s years of private and corporate coaching and facilitating healing retreats and women’s groups. We’ve blended all our favorite methods, those self-mastery tools that work like a magic wand, into a fun, creative way to give you self-empowerment on a silver platter.

We plan to share everything we’ve learned about tending to our own souls, and would love for you to join us for Sovereign Soul Tending; A Self-Mastery & Sacred Journaling Webinar Series. Beginning September 4, the group will meet virtually for two hours a week, and a link to each session will land in your inbox the next morning. Join us for the live or catch up when it’s in the flow. We’ll take some time each session to explore:

  • Guided Meditation & Oracle Card Drawings
  • Self-Mastery Skills
  • Journaling Tips and Writing Prompts
  • Conscious Conflict Resolution
  • Practical Mystic: Tools & Tokens
  • Weekly Lunar Phase Report
  • Weekly Take Home Remedy Guide

So, brew your favorite tea, change into some fresh jammies, create a cozy nest in the comfort of your own home and tune in as we dish out practical and delightfully simple guidance in support of the healthiest, most powerful version of your Sovereign Self.


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Self-Mastery & Sacred Journaling Webinar Series

Within the art of self-mastery and sacred journaling we begin to develop the skill of widening our perception so we can more easily stand from a position based in truth.  

As we enhance our new awareness, this then allows us to see ourselves more accurately, with compassion and grace, from the position of the neutral observer.

One where we begin to actively listen to the quiet voice of our highest selves and take action according to what is true instead of what we’ve done in the past or what we’ve been told to do.



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