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With this 11th edition in the HMS Log Book series, a few big changes have been made to help make your journaling practice even more auspicious. We are delighted to now provide space to write your new moon intentions after each new moon of the year. Two lined pages are dedicated to this wonderful monthly practice. And no more searching for the moment the new moon is exact. You will now find this information at the top of each New Moon Intention page. And with an expanded narrative on the intention setting practice, you will possess all the tools required to harness the potent energy of this lunar phase. We hope you enjoy the upgrades to the journal and find it even more able to organize and accommodate the ease and flow of your precious time and energy.

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Her Majesty’s Sovereign Log Book ~ The 2020 January – July edition of the HMS Log Book series. This smart and beautifully organized journal is engineered to maximize your time and head space to make for efficient journaling. With a “fill in the box” format, this unique journal invites you to log all the variables that affect the mind, body & spirit as you journey through each day. The HMS Log Book is a powerful tool for helping bring awareness to our cycles, patterns, strengths and opportunities for growth. Each page presents the daily moon phase and and inspirational quote from the world’s most beloved motivational and spiritual teachers. Try this daily HMS Log Book ritual: Part 1 ~ You are invited to sit with the Log Book in the morning and meditate on the day’s quote for a few moments. Then set your intention for the day and write it down in the Intention box. Next, begin to count your blessings and record them in the Gratitude box. You are encouraged to fill this space to the brim. Now go do your thing. Part 2 ~ At the end of the day, when all is quiet and calm, return to the Log Book and record the following data: – the weather – your mood – any perceived obstacles – hours of sleep logged – amount of water consumed – minutes of exercise logged – minutes of meditation logged – stress level – cycle – food diary, etc. This ritual provides an excellent opportunity to become more acquainted with yourself, your habits and your world. The daily quotes remind you to slow down, love yourself, dwell in compassion and enjoy the voyage. You are a magnificent vessel, fueled by your passion and inspired by your desire. In the tradition of the captain’s log books of days gone by, HMS Luna presents this wonderful self awareness tool that encourages gentle self reflection in a guilt free environment. A timeless and effective ritual whereby a captain may become more acquainted with the ship, from stern to bow. Bon voyage!


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