Reclaim Your Sovereignty Workshop February 3, 2019


REceive REclaim REturn REjoice

Join Jen & LuLu for a very special and unique gathering designed to LIBERATE the energy body and AWAKEN the joy body. This will be an evening of guided movement, meditation, toning, aromatherapy, mantra, breath work, aura cleansing and journaling. You will learn about energy and discover many simple, yet profound techniques to REclaim your Energetic Sovereignty.

Reawaken to the Truth of who you are!

Sunday, February 3, 2019
11am – 3pm
Private Residence on James Island, SC
We’ll send the address by email when you register.
Please bring a bag lunch. We will provide hot tea, structured water and light snacks.
Please note that we require 24 hours notice to cancel your reservation for a refund.

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REclaim Your Sovereignty. It’s time. A few months ago I had the good sense and good fortune to listen to @healingwithlulu when she told me to get on a plane and join her La Luna Laguna REtreat in Mexico. One of the best decisions I ever made.

It’s a bit challenging, articulating the immense freedom and liberation I experienced in this dimension of Mayan magic and majesty. I’m almost three years into recovering from injuries due to a car crash in 2015, and like most healing journeys, the physical and emotional pain have taken their pound of flesh from my energetic body.

And considering what I have gained, I would do it all over again. Coming out the other side feeling Victorious & Invincible, I want to share the concepts and strategies I have learned, witnessed and experienced about manipulating energy in this Realm of Focus.

Lindsay has been working in the field of energetic healing for many years, and is so finely tuned to the metaphysical precepts that are often responsible for physical consequence that she can see and feel them. That is sight for sore eyes.

We are so excited for the Gathering July 24th to share our Tools & Tokens to help you Reclaim Your Sovereignty. We are entering the Age of Aquarius kids, and that means we are leaving this dense, dull and boring third dimension behind us.

It’s time to get into actively creating the life we desire instead of passively being dragged behind a life we were programmed to accept. We know you are ready to step into you majesty. We can feel it.


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