The Captain’s Oath

It’s time to ditch the criticism, once and for all.

Maybe it’s the time of year, and the fact that we are surrounded by family and all the pressures that can go with familial expectations. Or maybe it’s the astrology of this particular Capricorn phase that’s got me thinking about criticism in general. It’s probably a little bit of both, that have compelled me to write about this challenging topic. We’ve all got at least a smear of self-criticism down inside, and it’s time we let that nonsense go.

As I got deeper and deeper into the creation of the HMS Log Book, it occurred to me that this journal could be a rabbit hole of criticism for those who naturally feed the inner critic. Since the whole purpose of the journal is Self-Awareness and Self-Care, I realized I had to incorporate something to strongly warn against this devious and sinister pit-fall. This is how I settled upon adding The Captain’s Oath to the Log Book. The following is an excerpt from the journal where I ask the user to agree to the terms by signing their name to the oath. I offer this to all those who would seek a little guidance in the area of Self-Love. In-joy!

The Code

For the admiral, water dog, or pirate alike, every departure on a sea-faring vessel must be preceded by the signing of The Code. The Captain’s code will briefly outline the rules of conduct, and the resulting consequences for all parties while out to sea. The Chasse-Partie, or “hunting party,” for example, is an old term used to describe a pirate’s code for dealing with such things as rowdy behavior, mutiny, dividing the bounty, and outlining which actions warrant a marooning.

It is in the tradition of both the unsavory scalawag and the venerable four-striper of days gone by that the Captains present this code for all who begin their voyage with the HMS Log Book. Keep to The Code, and you will receive maximum benefit from your new life management tool.

On my Honor, I pledge and I swear that…

I will enter into the daily ritual of the Log Book with a true and open heart. Without judgment, guilt, or shame, I will record my daily activities for scientific purposes only.

I will use the data gathered herein to raise awareness of my daily habits and the consequences they garner. I will always tend to this task with loving kindness for my spirit and all those whom I encounter.

I will strive to maintain a safety zone within the Log Book, and in my review of the data, I will always be constructive and emotionally neutral. I will remember that it is my duty to format the document with love, patience, forgiveness, understanding, peace, and positive energy.

I will aim to abide by The Code, but I will always remember that I am doing the very best I can at the moment, and that every tomorrow is a new opportunity to make healthy choices for my mind, body, and spirit.

We have an Accord!


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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