I’m Bringing Auspicious Back into the Conversation

Hi friends! I want you to be the first to know that I am bringing the word auspicious back into the conversation. What does auspicious mean? You may recall hearing this word in your English lit class while discussing the works of William Shakespeare. He loved the word and used it often. It means “lucky,” but not just in a casual way. For example, if a union was described as auspicious, it meant the stars were aligned in favor of the event. History tells us that monarchs, emperors, sultans, US Presidents and chiefs throughout time consulted their astrologer before planning major events. Leaders were looking to the stars to find the most auspicious time to plan a coronation, go to war, travel, marry or plan a coup. Could it really be that beneficial to plan earthly events based on the movement of the stars and celestial lights? Consider the alternative.

Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers, and we all know what happened to them. “Star-crossed” is a term that means the opposite of auspicious. It probably also refers to the unsavory astrological aspects called “squares” and “oppositions.” If you were to chart four stars that are squaring each other, the image would be of a cross: two stars opposing each other intersected by the 90* angle of the other two stars, also opposing each other. Stars crossing or squaring each other creates terrible pressure, opposition and total discomfort at the physical level.  Shakespeare knew, as did many before him, that there is an auspicious time for beginnings, and an auspicious time for endings. Certain times are great for initiating love, and certain times are good for declaring war. How do we better understand the concept of auspicious timing? All we need to do is look up at the stars with the help of some wonderful astrologers. But before we do, let’s consider a little-known quip from Greek philosopher, Healer and father of western medicine, Hippocrates. He unequivocally stated:

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

Wait, what?? You heard him. That guy that every doctor swears allegiance to by reciting the Hippocratic Oath was pretty stoked about this concept of Astrology, and here’s one example of why: Hippocrates knew that the body, being made primarily of water, was always under the influence of the lunar phases, much in the same way the tides are. He wrote that he would not consider performing an elective surgery during a full moon because of the high degree of pressure created and felt here on Earth when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon. Apparently, the amount of pressure the moon exacts on the body during this time accelerates blood flow, and this simple piece of information helped doctors of that era avoid unnecessary risk. Pretty nifty, huh? Hippocrates was a revolutionary mind in his time, but he wasn’t the only one. The ancient Greek philosopher Hermes Trismegistus clued us in to The Principle of Correspondence, which is one of his seven principles of The Kybalion. Most of us are familiar with this idea thanks to his famous axiom, “As above, So below.” This means that the energy produced by the position of the stars is mirrored here on Earth. It really is just that simple.

Get thee to an astrologer.

Now, a common misconception the superstitious folk will attribute to astrology is that it is incompatible with free-will, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not that astrology determines what will become of us; the stars incline, they do not compel. Studying the stars gives us more information with which to make better decisions. It’s like turning the light on before moving through a dark room. When we can see potential obstacles, like the coffee table or the sleeping dog, we are better able to navigate around them. Though you may still choose to run into the coffee table, even with the light on, the idea is that you probably won’t now that you realize it’s there. So, once we move past this new-age superstition with our sense of free-will firmly intact, we can look back through thousands of years of ancient writings from every corner of the globe to give us the bigger picture.

I have structured the HMS Log Book to include the basics of Astrology for your journaling pleasure as well as to help widen your gaze. I find it incredibly enlightening to have an awareness of the Lunar Phase each day, so the moon is front and center on the page. You will also find the elemental phase that corresponds with each Zodiac Sign at the top of each page. These juicy bits of information clue us in to the energy affecting the collective herd. For example, when we are in the middle of a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces), which signifies an emotional and subconscious energy, folks can trigger very, very easily. This tells me it’s time to tread lightly and really taste my words before I spit them out. I set out to be even more compassionate and loving, knowing that the collective is likely riding on their very last nerve. Maybe I decide to stay out of the fray during the full moon phase of a water sign like Scorpio, which in my mind equals hot water. Astrology helps us side-step the proverbial bubbling cauldron, and who doesn’t need more insight in their lives. Like ‘ole Will said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

With love & joy,



Start Chart by Albrecht Durer, 1515







Out of the Water and Into the Fire – Cauldrons Bubble!

Looking back at Scorpio and transmuting old family baggage ~

We’re finally out of the primordial chowder that is Scorpio, and not a day too soon if you ask me. The watery, emotional and oh so juicy family triggers that rise up during the Scorpio cycle have hit especially hard this year. So many of us are witnessing our childhood wounds rebelliously shouting at us, demanding our attention and refusing to be ignored any longer. You can also call it the programming we unconsciously submitted to as children, at birth, and in the womb. And before that. They are those stories that are running the show, the scripts filled with the tiniest print. We can’t even begin to comprehend it. Those commands that are just outside our conscious reach, three steps ahead of the rational mind and always present; it’s all the same baggage. Carl Jung tells us that until we make the subconscious conscious, it will control our lives and we will call it fate.

And we are such good sports amid the chaos, managing gracefully and patiently. We are breathing into it, leaning into it, meditating into it, and stretching beyond our comfort zones. All the feels, the cleanses, the mantras, the forgiveness, etc. We know the answer is more love and we’re over here doing our very best. Bravo for keeping it together through these challenging months, y’all. Astrologically speaking, it’s not the easiest time of the year to be gathered in a small space with the family. However, if you’re down for some good ‘ole, trigger happy growth and change, it’s actually the very best time of year. Per usual, it all depends on how you gaze at it.

On a side note, I find it fascinating that the collective unconscious chose to hold political elections and celebrate the country’s second favorite family holiday during a time dominated energetically by the shadow, death & destruction, attachment, power, defensiveness and internalization. Let’s have a macro-look at that some other time, shall we?

Now back to those triggers and the nouns that are bugging you. The people, places or things that are firing you up right now. And to add some levity to the discussion, let’s toss those triggers into a wooden chest and close the lid for the moment. I’m seeing a treasure chest here, but I am partial to pirates. Now let’s throw that chest overboard, watching it sink to the bottom of the clear, blue water to the soft sand below. If you threw Uncle Albert in that chest and you’re worried about him right now, don’t. The mermaids are helping him out. He’s fine.

Okay, time to check out those feelings. In keeping with the sea-faring theme, I assign each one of my nettlesome feelings a colorful, beautiful buoy. Mine are pink and orange, and they are floating in a peaceful, turquoise sea. Ahh, these feelings are looking better already. I admire each one as it gently dances in the warm sun, steadfast in its duty: to softly remind me that something way down below needs my attention.

Visualizing these triggers from a whimsical distance is a great first step towards detachment, which can be a very productive way to work with your emotions. It’s about creating a safe distance, and I like using the water imagery because it is a clear, physical boundary with a nurturing energy. But by all means, choose a metaphor that resonates with your vibration. Perhaps your chest prefers to sit in the basket of a hot air balloon, tethered to the ground, but also way up in the sky? Fantastic. We don’t want to hold this energy in our physical field anymore, but we’re not ready to release it just yet. That’s the easy part, and around this time of year, who doesn’t need more of that?

When it is appropriate, like during meditation, Savasana, or when you’re alone in nature and ready to process what’s in your chest, I invite you to try the following exercise:

  • Bring your Hands to your Heart – either in prayer position or by placing your hands flat on your chest. This simple act establishes the Heart/Brain connection*, which is like hitting the turbo button during exercises like this one.
  • Focus on your Breathing to Become Present – when you are ready, begin to focus on the colorful buoys in the water, and choose a feeling that is asking for some attention. Pick one you consider to be negative. Got it? Feel it? Really feel it.
  • Here’s the Big Power Move – while focused on the emotion, say this:
  1. “Oh hey! I am here right now, experiencing this (negative emotion) so that I can transmute it into Love, (not feel sorry for myself…again). The collective conscious is asking for this emotion to be released, and I am answering the call.”

{trans·mute: /tranzˈmyo͞ot/ verb, with an alchemical reference to changing lead to gold; emotional energy can also be freely changed from negative to positive, and back again.}

  1. “Knowing this is possible, I am no longer afraid of the effect these triggers once had on me. I see now that my extraordinary powers of transmuting energy are no match for the (negative emotion) and this is an easy victory due to my secret weapon.”

The Secret Weapon – Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code says do this:

While you are feeling the negative emotion, take a magnet or your fingertips (they are magnetic) and lightly touch your 3rd eye/forehead between the eyes. Then, while maintaining contact with your head, run your fingers up and over the top of your head, going as far down the back of your head as you can reach. Repeat twice.

This simple yet profoundly effective exercise breaks the energetic connection between you and the expression of that lower emotion. The signal you were sending out into infinity (think boomerang effect), has just been severed. Transmission failed, cords cut, power off, power gone. Yahoo! Repeat as needed.

Take a few moments here to notice where in your body you just felt an energetic release and give thanks. You can continue with the exercise by saying these statements:

  1. “I begin easily pouring love and light into this situation and I see that I am overpowering the lower vibration of (emotion) with my compassion, highest vibrations and pure love.”
  2. “I am also sending pure love to those who I have previously associated with this (emotion). They were merely alerting me that my super powers were needed, and that some karmic energy needed to be burned with my super-sonic love laser beam. Wow! It sure feels good not taking that personally!”
  3. “It is my gift to the world that I can transmute this old family emotion, which is only energy in motion, and I am repackaging that old mix tape into love and compassion.”
  4. “My super power is that I can move this repetitive, exhausting, tiresome, unloving, unforgiving, and BORING energy into love so that its negative aspect is gone forever! This gives me more space to be creative, and that always leads me to a higher vibration.”
  5. “I see now that I don’t have to get angry, go into victim mode, create stories, re-hash old resentments, or throw wine glasses. I can take charge of this situation by putting my super hero cape on and really kicking ass in a high vibrational way, which leaves me and everyone else involved feeling better.” Repeat this exercise with each emotion you are called to work with.

For the occasional crisis moment:  Always remember your energetic boundaries – Yes, sometimes we just need to throw the shields up to block the fray. Never forget this can be one of your greatest energetic tools when your environment is less than savory. Imagine a shield of pure love and light surrounding your personal space, and know that it only lets loving and peaceful vibrations enter. Albert Einstein totally did this, I’m certain. “…imagination will take you everywhere.”  Shields up, captain.

A simple shift in perspective can so often be the game changer we are looking for. Throw out the micro-scope and the need to hyper-analyze the details. You really don’t need to go over Aunt Eliza’s Military Industrial Complex programming anymore. It doesn’t benefit the experience anyway, so take a macro-look instead by widening your gaze. This groovy move will compel you to sidestep that whole vortex of lower vibrational chatter altogether, and when one of us moves in this direction, we are all inspired to move in this direction.

I invite you to unpack your chest and transmute those old family juggernauts into pure, clean light and love. Be the first in your family to do some energetic cleansing and be a way-shower for your loved ones. We tend to store emotional pain in our heart chakra (the chest), and often we are unaware of the energetic weight this pain heaps onto our field. As medical science slowly progresses to include the ancient technique of energetic healing, I have no doubt the future will see much more of this. One only need look as far back as the ancient Egyptians who believed there existed only one cause of dis-ease, and that was “energetic chaos,” or chaos at the atomic level. Transmute that old weight and watch your energetic field transform.

If you want to power up this exercise, a lovely option to add is toning the sound “Ahhh” when you first make the Heart/Brain connection. Toning this sacred vowel sound a few times gives your heart chakra a “tune up,” and primes the pump for some serious healing. Toning is a wonderful way to begin and end any energetic cleansing since it quickly grounds you in the present moment. Because of this and many other health benefits too numerous to mention here, toning is an integral part of my daily self-care practice.

With love & gratitude,



I invite you to explore:

* The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson, published June 15, 2007

* The Heart/Brain Connection, The Heart Math Institute https://www.heartmath.org/