The Captain’s Oath

It’s time to ditch the criticism, once and for all.

Maybe it’s the time of year, and the fact that we are surrounded by family and all the pressures that can go with familial expectations. Or maybe it’s the astrology of this particular Capricorn phase that’s got me thinking about criticism in general. It’s probably a little bit of both, that have compelled me to write about this challenging topic. We’ve all got at least a smear of self-criticism down inside, and it’s time we let that nonsense go.

As I got deeper and deeper into the creation of the HMS Log Book, it occurred to me that this journal could be a rabbit hole of criticism for those who naturally feed the inner critic. Since the whole purpose of the journal is Self-Awareness and Self-Care, I realized I had to incorporate something to strongly warn against this devious and sinister pit-fall. This is how I settled upon adding The Captain’s Oath to the Log Book. The following is an excerpt from the journal where I ask the user to agree to the terms by signing their name to the oath. I offer this to all those who would seek a little guidance in the area of Self-Love. In-joy!

The Code

For the admiral, water dog, or pirate alike, every departure on a sea-faring vessel must be preceded by the signing of The Code. The Captain’s code will briefly outline the rules of conduct, and the resulting consequences for all parties while out to sea. The Chasse-Partie, or “hunting party,” for example, is an old term used to describe a pirate’s code for dealing with such things as rowdy behavior, mutiny, dividing the bounty, and outlining which actions warrant a marooning.

It is in the tradition of both the unsavory scalawag and the venerable four-striper of days gone by that the Captains present this code for all who begin their voyage with the HMS Log Book. Keep to The Code, and you will receive maximum benefit from your new life management tool.

On my Honor, I pledge and I swear that…

I will enter into the daily ritual of the Log Book with a true and open heart. Without judgment, guilt, or shame, I will record my daily activities for scientific purposes only.

I will use the data gathered herein to raise awareness of my daily habits and the consequences they garner. I will always tend to this task with loving kindness for my spirit and all those whom I encounter.

I will strive to maintain a safety zone within the Log Book, and in my review of the data, I will always be constructive and emotionally neutral. I will remember that it is my duty to format the document with love, patience, forgiveness, understanding, peace, and positive energy.

I will aim to abide by The Code, but I will always remember that I am doing the very best I can at the moment, and that every tomorrow is a new opportunity to make healthy choices for my mind, body, and spirit.

We have an Accord!


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

December & January 2018 Workshop Schedule

Hi friends! Please join me for an Introduction to the HMS Log Book Workshop in a city near you…

12.17.18 Charleston, SC Buxton Books,

Book signing and 30 minute discussion, Q&A. 3 pm


1.6.18 Atlanta, GA Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore,

Workshop: Make Every Day Auspicious, HMS Log Book Journal 3-5 pm


1.8.18 Charleston, SC WildCraft,

Workshop: Make Every Day Auspicious, HMS Log Book Journal 6-8 pm (Check back for link to event)


1.13.18 Asheville, NC Violet Owl Wellness,

Workshop: Make Every Day Auspicious, HMS Log Book Journal 3-5 pm

A few words about the workshops…

High Vibrational Tools for creating a Self-Care practice you will love.

Join the author of the HMS Log Book as she discusses the many facets of self-care involved in this unique journaling experience. We will focus on the Lunar phases included in the log book and how this ties into the Divine Feminine, as well as the power of intention setting and a daily practice of gratitude. We will also discuss and experiment with several types of meditation, including toning & chanting, as vibrational therapy you can do at home. No experience necessary and all are welcome.

Her Majesty’s Ship’s Log Book ~ This smart and beautifully organized journal is engineered to maximize your time and head space to make for efficient journaling. With a “Fill in the box” format, this unique journal invites you to log all the variables that affect the mind, body & spirit as you journey through each day. The HMS Log Book is a powerful tool for helping bring awareness to our cycles, patterns, strengths and opportunities for growth. Each page presents the daily moon phase and an inspirational quote from the world’s most beloved motivational and spiritual teachers, and so much more!

“know thyself”


Eventually, you begin to see your days as the product of your choices plus the exterior elements in play during this snapshot of the journey. Every day decisions versus the physical impact of those choices. When we can see these details and their conclusions on the pages of this journal day after day, our file of personal data dramatically increases. This in turn leads to a higher level of self-awareness which will support healthy decisions along the journey.

And with the compassionate, non-judgmental frame of mind the Captain’s Oath requires, your enhanced self-awareness allows you to logistically measure the quality of your choices against the way you want to feel. The awareness, as always, is the key, and journaling in the HMS Log Book is a fast track to becoming open to this awareness. Welcome to a lighthearted discussion that focuses on practical ways to ignite your Self-Care practice using some fun, fabulous high-vibrational tools & tips.

Let me know…

…if you are interested in hosting an HMS Log Book Workshop. I’ve got programs for all ages including teens. Please send all inquiries to


With Grace & Gratitude




I’m Bringing Auspicious Back into the Conversation

Hi friends! I want you to be the first to know that I am bringing the word auspicious back into the conversation. What does auspicious mean? You may recall hearing this word in your English lit class while discussing the works of William Shakespeare. He loved the word and used it often. It means “lucky,” but not just in a casual way. For example, if a union was described as auspicious, it meant the stars were aligned in favor of the event. History tells us that monarchs, emperors, sultans, US Presidents and chiefs throughout time consulted their astrologer before planning major events. Leaders were looking to the stars to find the most auspicious time to plan a coronation, go to war, travel, marry or plan a coup. Could it really be that beneficial to plan earthly events based on the movement of the stars and celestial lights? Consider the alternative.

Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers, and we all know what happened to them. “Star-crossed” is a term that means the opposite of auspicious. It probably also refers to the unsavory astrological aspects called “squares” and “oppositions.” If you were to chart four stars that are squaring each other, the image would be of a cross: two stars opposing each other intersected by the 90* angle of the other two stars, also opposing each other. Stars crossing or squaring each other creates terrible pressure, opposition and total discomfort at the physical level.  Shakespeare knew, as did many before him, that there is an auspicious time for beginnings, and an auspicious time for endings. Certain times are great for initiating love, and certain times are good for declaring war. How do we better understand the concept of auspicious timing? All we need to do is look up at the stars with the help of some wonderful astrologers. But before we do, let’s consider a little-known quip from Greek philosopher, Healer and father of western medicine, Hippocrates. He unequivocally stated:

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

Wait, what?? You heard him. That guy that every doctor swears allegiance to by reciting the Hippocratic Oath was pretty stoked about this concept of Astrology, and here’s one example of why: Hippocrates knew that the body, being made primarily of water, was always under the influence of the lunar phases, much in the same way the tides are. He wrote that he would not consider performing an elective surgery during a full moon because of the high degree of pressure created and felt here on Earth when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon. Apparently, the amount of pressure the moon exacts on the body during this time accelerates blood flow, and this simple piece of information helped doctors of that era avoid unnecessary risk. Pretty nifty, huh? Hippocrates was a revolutionary mind in his time, but he wasn’t the only one. The ancient Greek philosopher Hermes Trismegistus clued us in to The Principle of Correspondence, which is one of his seven principles of The Kybalion. Most of us are familiar with this idea thanks to his famous axiom, “As above, So below.” This means that the energy produced by the position of the stars is mirrored here on Earth. It really is just that simple.

Get thee to an astrologer.

Now, a common misconception the superstitious folk will attribute to astrology is that it is incompatible with free-will, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not that astrology determines what will become of us; the stars incline, they do not compel. Studying the stars gives us more information with which to make better decisions. It’s like turning the light on before moving through a dark room. When we can see potential obstacles, like the coffee table or the sleeping dog, we are better able to navigate around them. Though you may still choose to run into the coffee table, even with the light on, the idea is that you probably won’t now that you realize it’s there. So, once we move past this new-age superstition with our sense of free-will firmly intact, we can look back through thousands of years of ancient writings from every corner of the globe to give us the bigger picture.

I have structured the HMS Log Book to include the basics of Astrology for your journaling pleasure as well as to help widen your gaze. I find it incredibly enlightening to have an awareness of the Lunar Phase each day, so the moon is front and center on the page. You will also find the elemental phase that corresponds with each Zodiac Sign at the top of each page. These juicy bits of information clue us in to the energy affecting the collective herd. For example, when we are in the middle of a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces), which signifies an emotional and subconscious energy, folks can trigger very, very easily. This tells me it’s time to tread lightly and really taste my words before I spit them out. I set out to be even more compassionate and loving, knowing that the collective is likely riding on their very last nerve. Maybe I decide to stay out of the fray during the full moon phase of a water sign like Scorpio, which in my mind equals hot water. Astrology helps us side-step the proverbial bubbling cauldron, and who doesn’t need more insight in their lives. Like ‘ole Will said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

With love & joy,



Start Chart by Albrecht Durer, 1515