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As we rolled into the new year of 2020, it became obvious to me that I had just published the final and last HMS Log Book. Knowing that this year would be chock full of challenges unlike any we have experienced in our lifetimes, I made the very difficult decision to refrain from publishing the July – December journal. Although it has been one of my greatest joys to produce this self-awakening tool, I knew that my efforts would be required in different areas.

Thank you for the incredible support these last 7 years purchasing the journal and spreading the word to your loved ones. Your love is so appreciated. I would like to leave you with this option, if you feel called to continue the HMS Log Book journey: you can purchase the 2019 July – December journal on Amazon, and along with the nifty moon phase stickers I found, a quick work around can be arranged. 

2019 HMS Log Book

Purchase 2019 HMS Log Book July – December

Moon Phase Stickers 

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Welcome to the Self Care Revolution

Her Majesty’s Sovereign Log Book ~ This smart and beautifully organized journal is engineered to maximize your time and head space to make for efficient journaling. With a “fill in the box” format, this unique journal invites you to log all the variables that affect the mind, body & spirit as you journey through each day. The HMS Log Book is a powerful tool for helping bring awareness to our cycles, patterns, strengths and opportunities for growth. Each page presents the daily moon phase and and inspirational quote from the world’s most beloved motivational and spiritual teachers. Scroll down to see how I like to use the journal.


The ritual of journaling in the HMS Log Book every day provides an excellent opportunity to become more acquainted with yourself, your habits and your world.

  • The constellation and element images remind us of the astrological energies of the day
  • Season Tree brings our awareness to the broad sweeping cycles of Mother Earth
  • The lunar image keeps us informed of the current moon phase
  • Daily quotes inspire and motivate our journey
  • Setting daily intentions helps us properly manifest our dreams
  • Starting the day by filling the gratitude box results in a profound energetic transformation
  • HMS Energy Wheel encourages you to understand your energy output in preparation for writing your New Moon Intentions


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Jen Snyder is the author
of the HMS Log Book.

Jen Snyder is a College of Charleston graduate who has spent most of her life in the quaint, Holy City of Charleston, SC, raising her daughter, working with the family business, singing in several bands and authoring the HMS Log Book series. In 2013 Jen was called to create a journal that would provide a safe and loving way to bring order, inspiration and loving accountability to the busy user. The first edition of the HMS Log Book launched in the Spring of 2014 and is a one of a kind, guided journaling experience that life coaches, therapists and doctors love recommending.

Jen offers workshops and group sessions that are designed to inspire a lasting self-care practice with the HMS Log Book as the foundation. The New Moon Gathering is held most months, just before the new moon, and is designed to bring awareness to our energetic output as a means of maximizing our new moon intention ritual. This is a powerful experience that provides a safe space for sharing and learning the fundamentals of energy as they correspond to the lunar phases. The Reclaim Your Sovereignty Gathering is also a monthly offering that dives deeper into the realm of energy and sovereignty. In this interactive workshop, attendees experience profound relaxation through aura cleansing, meditation, chakra toning, breath work, aromatherapy, restorative yoga and discussion of the eleven foundational principles of sovereignty.

Jen also works with young women in the local high schools presenting her Female Empowerment Program. This ongoing workshop series is designed to bring teenagers into a safe space where they can connect to and accept all parts of themselves while learning new and exciting ways to support themselves and each other without judgement, shame or guilt. With a healthy sense of humor and a toolbox chock full of high vibrational empowerment tools, she draws on her 21 years of parenting skills in helping guide women of all ages to the Self-Care Revolution..

Jen Snyder:

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